Wollongong laneways

Wollongong laneways


Laneways Upgrade

Undertaken by Libby Gallagher as Project Landscape Architect for concept stage undertaken while on contract to GAO, in collaboration with Mcgregor Westlake Architects

Location: Wollongong
Client: Wollongong City Council
Project dates: 2011

The project scope was to prepare proposals for the upgrade of existing laneways, linking to Crown Street Mall in the heart of Wollongong. The scope required the development of viable proposals, that could be implemented in the short term to improve the amenity of the laneways, as well as propose long term opportunities for improved use based on changes to adjacent built form. The project scope included development of a public domain concepts to revitalise the existing lane way network. Globe lane was redesigned as a “green gateway” connecting the adjoining park to the mall. The design was organised to allow for storm water to be collected and filtered through a series of interconnected tree pits.