Gallagher Studio was founded by director Dr Libby Gallagher in 2013.
Our expertise is in the delivery of high quality, distinctive landscape projects that are grounded in an in-depth understanding of the natural and cultural dynamics of place. We develop memorable places that provide tangible social and environmental benefits. Our core approach is underpinned by a focus on design, collaboration and innovation.

We seek to unlock new design opportunities that respond to each project’s unique social, economic and environmental context. We approach each project as distinct and employ a rigorous and iterative process of analysis, research and exploration to unlock design solutions. We don’t prescribe a fixed outcome but rather seek to unearth and capture new possibilities, in order to develop designs that are lyrical, appropriate and enduring. 

Collaboration is at the core of Gallagher Studio’s ethos. We draw together a range of professionals tailored to each project, in order to develop the most appropriate solutions. Our approach engages with multiple disciplines, from economists and social planners to artists, ecologists and engineering specialists. Our studio structure enables us to collaborate with the right specialists, while maintaining a core expertise in public domain and landscape design.  

Our company develops projects that deliver definitive environmental and social benefits. We treat research as a core component of work and seek to apply this research into our practice. We draw on expertise from a range of fields including the climate and social sciences, engineering, built form and landscape architecture. Dr Libby Gallagher has undertaken innovative research into the design and delivery of high quality public spaces to address the dual impacts of climate change and the urban heat island effect in cities. 

•    Landscape architecture
•    Urban design
•    Public domain master plans & strategies
•    Park master plans & concept designs
•    Playground design
•    Streetscape design
•    Design development & documentation
•    Project management & construction stage services
•    Environmental simulation modelling
•    Community consultation


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